Become an Uber driver

Already decided to start and want my help: click here to begin the process. If not, read on…

There are any number of reasons to start driving with Uber:

  • You have a full-time job already, but want to boost your income a little bit when your schedule gives you some free time.
  • You’re a student at university or TAFE, and need a job that will work around your studies and personal life – and help to fund both.
  • You’re looking for work in a particular field but competition for positions is tough and you need something to help make ends meet in the mean time.
  • You’re curious about how it all works, and have the spare time to investigate.
  • You feel stuck in a job you don’t like, and are looking for something new to slip into. (This one is particularly familiar to me!)

There’s plenty more reasons out there from the perfectly reasonable to the outright crazy. But whatever reasons you have, I can help you get under way.

Unfortunately its not quite as simple as filling out a form on website, clicking “Submit”, and away you go. There are a number of steps you’ll need to go through. Some are straightforward, but some have the potential to be confusing. Even once Uber gives you the green light to get under way for your first ride, there are still other steps you’ll need to take so that the time spent on Uber-ing can be more about driving around and making money and less about managing the money.

The important thing to remember is that I’ve done it before: I can steer you away from the potholes, and help you navigate to your destination as smoothly as possible.

Okay, so maybe I’m stretching the metaphor into pun territory, but despite that I can be of help. And not just in the early stages of joining and getting on the road, but as an ongoing source of help if you need it. Whether you come across a situation where you don’t know what you should do, have a problem and need help fixing it, or just have a bad experience with a passenger and need to vent to someone who understands, I’m here.

If your concerned about what my help will cost you, don’t be. You don’t have to pay me give me anything for my assistance – unless you really want to, in which case I won’t be rude and refuse. Now I’m not being completely altruistic here: you get my help for free, but I still get paid, via a referral fee Uber pays to me after you follow this link to join up and make your first few trips. Once you do that, get in touch via the Contact page here and I’ll start to go through the steps you need to be on your way.