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Posts for Uber Drivers

Here are all the things I’ve published that I think might be useful for other Uber drivers. (In some cases they’ll also be relevant to other ride-sharing drivers and possibly even regular drivers as well.) Some posts have fairly simple tips and tricks for managing life on the road. Other posts are reviews of products I’ve used that have helped me that others might like to make use of – or have hindered me and I think others should avoid. And still other posts are invitations to discussion on topics of importance or interest to other drivers.

In all cases, each post will have some relevance to all Uber drivers. The posts will either give Uber drivers:

  • something to think about how they work and what is happening around them while they do,
  • advice on how to do their job safer,
  • ideas on how to work more efficiently,
  • or advise on how to work in a way that lets them stay happier while on the road.

Bad Luck With Car Troubles

I don’t know about you, but it never seems to be simple with car problems. And they don’t seem to happen one at a time. Your car can be fine for ages, then suddenly it seems easier to list what works than what doesn’t.


McDonalds car parks cause flat tyres

McDonalds car parks are a menace. How many tyres must be punctured before their reign of terror will be brought to an end. How long before someone thinks I’m being serious about this, and not just blowing it all out of proportion for the sake of the combination of a joke and maybe a few extra page visits?