Be A Guest Contributor

Do you have thoughts and/or feelings?

Let me try that again. Do you…

  • … have thoughts and/or feelings about Uber, ride-sharing in general, driving, or any other topic that seems like it might be something I’d talk about on this site?
  • … have a story about an Uber experience – either as a driver or passenger – that’s funny, unusual, or just interesting?
  • … have a tip for other ride-share users or providers?
  • … need to get something off your chest, but 140 characters isn’t enough, while the idea of creating a whole blog for it is a bit too much?

Then maybe I can help you out.

Coming up with content for this site to put out a weekly post can be tricky, at least for me. Even when I’ve got the ideas for what to write about, finding the time to actually write it up and make it at least vaguely intelligible to people who don’t have a My Brain-to-English dictionary can also be tricky. I also figure that there other people out there who occasionally want to say something that would be relevant to this site but either only have one or two ideas they care enough to write about and feel like it’s not worth the hassle of creating a whole site for themselves.

With all that in mind, I thought I’d put this out there in the world and see what people think. If you have an idea for something to write about for this site, get in touch with me and we’all see about you becoming a guest writer. It can be about anything you like that relates to Uber-ing:

  • a story about an experience you had as a driver or rider
  • a tip or trick you’ve got that might be helpful to others
  • a response to a post I made, that you agree or disagree with (though I’d be excited about something you disagree with, I will of course only publish it if its respectfully expressed)
  • a how-to guide for drivers or passengers
  • a guide to getting to or from a location that’s got its own rules or processes, like mine to Sydney Airport’s Domestic and International terminals – but can be for anywhere in the world
  • a review on a product you’ve used that could be helpful to other drivers, or that they should avoid

They’re just some thoughts that might help get your creative juices flowing. If you’ve got an idea for the site, even if it doesn’t fit in one of those categories, but you think would still work with this site, then please get in touch. I’d be happy to discuss it with you and see about publishing it. Assuming your idea gets published, you would of course be credited as the author, and would have the option of having a blurb about yourself to go along with post, or perhaps be used to promote something of yours or just promote yourself.

Though I’m happy for you to get in touch in any of the several possible ways, you’re on this page already so you may as well use the form below. Just let me know what your idea is, maybe a point or two on what you’ll actually want to say, and we’ll go from there. If you have a bunch of ideas and it all works out, maybe you can be a regular contributor.