Marriage Equality: Random Thoughts

Taking a step away form Uber-related things for a moment, to talk about an important topic, particularly in Australia at the moment: Marriage Equality

This week, the forms for the Marriage Equality Postal Survey go out all around Australia. After some to-ing and fro-ing on the subject, I decided that even though its not really related to being an Uber driver, its still important enough that I should get my thoughts out there. Just for the record, I’m a cis-gendered, heterosexual male, raised Catholic but currently agnostic, I’ve got no particular knowledge or experience in politics, the law (except perhaps as it related to the road rules in NSW), theology, philosophy, history, or any other area that might make me even remotely considered an “expert” for the topic, and apart from this blog I have debatable skills when it comes to putting my thoughts into words for other people’s consumption.

With that in mind, I’m going to try and put out several posts relating to the topic and my thoughts on it. I humbly ask that you share them as far and wide as possible, and that if you want to engage in debate with me, I’m happy to as long as its civil; I’ll ignore anything that I deem to be intentionally hostile, insulting, degrading or otherwise inappropriate. At the same time, if I say something that offends you (on either side, as I may unknowingly use incorrect terminology) then I apologise as that is not my intent. Please let me know if I do, so I can make any appropriate corrections as quickly as possible.

Apparently there are people out there that believe sexuality is a choice. Being the non-expert I am, I’m guessing that sexuality is influenced by a whole host of factors, with a different mix for every individual. It wouldn’t surprise me if genetics played a part, perhaps even the major part, but I suspect that it can be influenced by how we are raised and various experiences along the way. That’s different to it being a choice though.

For those of you who might think that people only ever choose to be gay, think of it this way. Take a group of straight men and a group of straight women. Tell each group to individually rank the other group from most to least attractive. Then compare the lists. Its just about guaranteed that there will be differences between them. Even if there are some commonalities where some people tend to be higher or lower on everyone’s lists, you won’t get all of the lists matching up exactly.

That’s because being attractive is subjective. There’s no truly objective way to work that out about someone. There are qualities that are more likely to be found attractive by large groups of people, but nothing that is truly universal, at least not to the point of everyone agreeing that a particular person is the most attractive. So if even when you take gender out of consideration, we can’t agree on what makes someone attractive or not, why is surprising to find that gender can be a point of disagreement as well?

To single out anyone based on an arbitrary factor is discrimination. We’ve already worked out that it shouldn’t matter whether a person is a man or woman, they should have the same rights and opportunities as each other. (I know that’s not the case in actuality, but we at least acknowledge that it should be, and that the ways it isn’t at the moment should be fixed.) If the gender of Random Person A doesn’t matter, and they should have all the rights as every other person, then the gender of Random Person B doesn’t matter either. Therefore Random Person A and Random Person B should be able to get married to each other if they so choose, and the genders of those people still don’t matter.

Author: Adam Faber

I've been an Uber driver in Sydney since early 2016, and puttering around on the web as my blogging alter-ego since mid 2017. Uber-Man is my second attempt at blogging, after a short-lived effort five years before about a previous job, all around parking. (Exciting, I know!) If the blogging wasn't a give away, I'm a nerd that loves sci-fi, table top gaming, and baseball.

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