For Uber Drivers

Now Available For Sale: Rating Signs

Three weeks ago I tweeted about some homemade signs I use in my car. After seeing a bunch online that weren’t quite what I was after, I decided to make my own.

They’re fairly simple, just letting passengers know it’d be nice if they rated their ride with me 5-stars, that if they were having any issues with the ride to let me know so I can try to sort them out, that they can play any music they like, have me make any changes to the air conditioning they want, and asking them to wear their seat belts and to not smoke in the car. (Not everyone realises the last item there is a thing.)

I’ve had some interest in them from passengers who are also at least occasional Uber drivers, so finally decided to sell them here. They’ve been working well for me, with an increase in the number of 5-star ratings and an increase in the number of ratings overall since I’ve had them up in my car.

At the moment there’s just the one version of the sign, but if there are requests to alter them, such as change the colour scheme, or have different options along the bottom, I’ll consider doing custom versions. I may come up with other ideas as well, and if I do, they’ll also appear in my shop. But until then, click the “Signs For Sale” menu option at the top of the page if you want to check them out.


What do you think about all this?