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Whether you want to improve your driver rating, or keep it at the lofty heights you’ve already reached, more 5-star ratings helps either way. Ask for those ratings without asking with these signs.

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These signs hang off the back of car’s front seat. Going around the headrests, they helpfully remind your passengers to rate their ride. In addition, they encourage passengers to speak up if they’re experiencing anything that would reduce that rating. The icons along the bottom of the signs:

  • give the option to play any music the passengers like,
  • offer adjustments to the air conditioning to suit the passengers,
  • remind passengers to wear their seat belts, and
  • warn passengers not to smoke in the car.

Driver Ratings

Whereas after every ride we drivers have to rate our passengers, rating drivers is an option for our passengers. When you combine that with the fact that people are more likely to give negative feedback than positive, that impacts on our ratings as drivers. To counter that, you need to encourage passengers to rate your ride with them, and rate it well, but maybe you don’t want to seem like you’re begging for 5 stars.

That – and some ideas prompts while shopping online – got me to make these signs for myself. They encourage the passenger to rate the ride, while also giving them some options that not everyone realises they have. Since putting them in my car, I’ve noticed a significant increase in ratings received. From looking over the reports I get from Uber has shown that the weekly number of non-5-star ratings has stayed about the same, with the additional ratings received being predominantly 5-stars. That combines to increase my overall rating.

Every driver wants a high rating. A high rating puts passengers at ease, and more likely to rate you well. High ratings make it less likely that a passenger will cancel on you to get “someone better”. Not only that, but you want to make sure you’re over that 4.7 threshold to ensure you can be a platinum Momentum partner. With all the driving you do to be eligible, you don’t want to miss out on the extra fuel discount.

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